The VIP Traveler

After a long week at work, you long for the open road and a few nights under a starry sky. Getting ready to go is just part of the fun, and we’ve got everything you need for the start and end of your weekend adventure.

  • Gated Property

  • 24/7 Access

  • Surveillance

  • Canopy RV/Boat Storage

  • Self-dumping Station

  • Ice Machine

  • Washing/Fill Station

  • Tire Inflation

Free Wash/Fill Station

It’s important to wash down your vehicle to remove dirt, dust, grime, and bugs in order to protect the finish. Traveler Storage provides a wash down area for our customers to use, free of charge.

Free Tire Inflation

Maintaining proper tire air pressure promotes better performance and longevity. During vehicle storage, tire pressure can decrease over time. The Air Station provides 120 PSI for tire inflation and is available to customers 24/7.

15/30 Amp Electrical

To maintain the voltage of your vehicle batteries while in Storage the optional 15 or 30 AMP electrical service is available for an additional cost. The most common 120 volt electrical system used in dry storage by boats is 15 amps and by RVs is 15/30 amps. Depending on your vehicle’s system requirement you can determine how much amperage, 15 or 30 amps, your charger/converter uses to operate.